This is quite an amazing creation wave and it talks about creativity, the monkey is the one that calls our attention, if you go to a zoo you will see the public is always there. Their medicine allows to bring us into special trance states, whether it is while we are creating the line of […]



Tijaax is the special time when this nahual comes and helps us cut off the negativity in our lives:So, time to work with our fears, anger, insecurities, old habits and sadness.And everything that worries us and makes us think we are not going to make it.Remember the true divine gift we are receiving is to […]


Back on the cyberspace

Hello my beloved onesIt has been two loooong months without the help of a computer. My Pinkie decided to crash and left me in a “empty” state of non-techno shamanism, which gave me time and the spaceto go back to the old times when I use to read books, meditate more and move to my […]