Hello my beloved ones.This time I am doing it differently, do not worry, I am still giving you the info about the Maya – quantum calendar. As you can see, it is a bit different than the normal dates in the Highland count (one day off the quiche count). The reason is that some time […]

Gracias, Kalisama

Hello my friends, finally I got more info on the calendar, my dear Lisa just sent me a nice writeout about it.Enjoy! How to read the Mayan Galactic Count Calendar While this is in no way a comprehensive guide to the Galactic Count Calendar, it will help you understand the cycles as they are posted […]


Onda de K’at

Well, the time for healing is here, with the auspicious energies of Kat we get to have a trecena where we can dedicate to healing ourselves and others. To be sick or in a “condition” means a lot, are we taking our sickness as a pet to tell everybody about it?or are we still thinking […]