Ajmac creation wave

Ajmac is the precious angel of Divine Grace. Staying for a week or so in Guatemala city, has been quite a lesson.Because of political, social and economical reasons, this countryis going through a very dark period. Last night, while having dinner, We heard shots, and later the sirens of ambulances. This is happening Every day, […]


What is your Mayan Sign?

My beloved ones;After reading all my posts you will be wondering what is the Maya energy that is assisting you in this life time. The website that created the free app is: Iphone and Ipod touch has a free application called Tzolkin Explorer. The website that created the free app is: www.xzone.com.au Enjoy the knowing!Much […]


Aq’ab’aal wave of creation

Akbal is is the nahual related with the moment when night begins and everything is dark. In other levels, it is the time when we are in ignorance, in the moments when there is no understanding, no guidance. The ideogram shows the dual lines converging on the top, which is also when we dwell in […]


Tz’i Creation Wave

Siempre mas alla…. It is every 13 days that Time, as a living essence, offers us the opportunity to evolve And grow in our consciousness. The trecena or Upits Kin offers us a path to count the daysin a way that serves us as an ever changing portalof opportunity and synchronicities,a means to be aware […]