me too - how to heal our daughters, our children

How can we help our children heal…

The question is: How can we help our children heal? It is such a big pain, such a difficult thing to understand as mothers. How could our children get so deeply wounded? How is it that they hurt so immensely and profoundly? It is so difficult to hear them talk about how to end their lives, […]

1920×510 AumRak Thank you

El Espíritu de la Mujer

  Hace algunos años, me tocó enfrentar muchas cosas que había que sanar en mi alma. Me entro un espíritu rebelde y fuerte que necesitaba expresarse. Quería ser multiplicadora de nuevas ideas y nuevas frecuencias en el pensamiento de nosotras, las mujeres. En ese tiempo tuve la oportunidad y gran gusto de publicar varios artículos en […]

Shamanic Wedding Ceremony with AumRak in Copan, Honduras

After the rain…

Hello Beloved ones The rainy season will be ending soon and our Guatemalan skies are turning blue again.  The eternal spring is almost here, and people are busy with their preparations for the high season here at lake Atitlan. I am still in San Marcos La Laguna. I have something in the making, I am preparing […]