A picture is worth a 1000 words…

These pictures will give you an idea of all those amazing times we have spent in the Sacred Space of Ceremonies. Activation Maya, in Tikal,2006 The Summer Solstice workshop at the Double Rainbow Ranch june 2006. The eclipse ceremony, feb 2008 At Hacienda San Lucas, Copan Honduras, please note the figure showing on my left. […]


My services

It has taken me many years and innumerable experimenting to come up with this….with love, always NOTE:All my work is channelled, and guided by the Sacred Nahuales, the energies of the Sacred Time keeping.To plan for a workshop-session, please consult with me and the Sacred Calendar,aum_rak@yahoo.comso we have some guidelines. Maya Oracle Reading Understand your […]


welcome friends

I feel like sharing a bit of my essence:I see myself as a mystic nomad, 5 years after I left my lovely home at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.One good day my guides told me to leave all behind and that I should start serving my Mamita (Mother Earth), assisting her and her children through this amazing […]