The Healing Path of the Ancient Maya

AumRak Fire Ceremony 7

  • Start: March 27, 2019 12:00 am
  • End: April 3, 2019 12:00 am

Copán Ruinas, Departamento de Copán, Honduras

Are you a seeker of profound spiritual experiences, and fascinated by the shamanic healing of the Maya civilisation?

Are you eager to explore a high-energy vortex at the cultural center of the ancient Maya civilisation? Spend a week at Hacienda San Lucas with a High Priestess of Melchizedek, AumRak.

Enjoy delicious meals prepared at the Hacienda’s kitchen. Bathe in the healing waters of natural hot springs, and enjoy a horseback ride through breath-taking landscapes. This is your chance to reconnect with the four elements of Mother Earth and create sacred space for healing and expanding consciousness.

You will participate in daily ceremonies, guided meditations, yoga and breathing exercises. Create space to heal old mental programming, and release yourself from the trauma negative experiences. You will also learn the foundations about the ancient Mayan calendar as a tool to map time. Optionally, you can choose to experience a Mayan Oracle reading to receive guidance about your life-path. This retreat aims to set your on a genuinely transformational trajectory towards living in oneness.

Learn the multidimensional healing ways of the ancient Maya with AumRak on this mystical 7 day retreat!

I am so very excited to invite you to this special gathering of souls waiting for the right moment to awaken the Maya codes of your DNA. 

Copán is right in the border between Honduras and Guatemala. It is known as a safe haven away from worldly chaos. This is a very special vortex where the ancient ones received the wisdom of one of the most accurate Calendars of the world. 

The site of the workshop: Hacienda San Lucas is part of a compound where the ancient Mayans taught the healing arts. This and the mayan dates, makes it a special time for initiations in the 4 elements. 

March 27 – April 3

3 Keej:      The activation of the spirit of service
4 Qanil:    Planting the new star seeds
5 Tooj:       Reconnecting with the Mother Earth Consciousness
6 Tzi:         Activating the wisdom of the heart
7 Batz:       Travel through Time and Space
8 E:             Purpose on your Path
9 Aj:           Empowerment

Since 2000, I have participated in many ceremonies and workshops there. I am looking forward to sharing this amazing sacred space with all of you.

If you are ready to experience true shamanic initiations, to learn about ceremonial healing arts, and deepen your connection with Mother Earth in a space away from the busy world, give your Self this gift that will help you attain healing, reconnection with your true Self, and new wisdom of the heart.