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Following the Sacred Maya Calendar, I learned to understand it as a map of time, and flowing with it, I learned to live in total surrender to my inner guidance, my feelings, and my connection with the All.

If you are called to participate, look for events near you.

If you would like to have a one on one meeting, in person or via Skype, this is also possible. Just contact me.

Are you celebrating your wedding and would like to have a personal Mayan Fire Ceremony and Ritual? Write me about your love story - I love to join twin souls in the magic of the sacred fire.

Upcoming Events

Hello dear Ones,

I am so happy to share with you all the news about my next trip through the USA.

We will be doing ceremonies in Nevada city, Albuquerque, Sedona, Ojo  Ojo Caliente, Creston and Boulder / Denver for the Summer solstice.

Then, towards the Tribal Vision Festival in Taos.

I also have plans to visit Toronto and Winnipeg.  

This is a convocation for all of you to come and share in Sacred  Ceremony, and partake in the Mayan Cacao Medicine. After a whole year of retreat and healing, I feel activated to go on a new tour as  I have receive direction from Mother Earth to come and join you in healing/activating/ honoring her sacred spaces. In the Sacred work of raising frequencies through our intention and ceremonies.

If you are on the way, and feel like coming, I will be so happy to meet you or see you again.  If you feel like joining us on the road… even better!

See you!

Cacao Ceremony Aumrak Anni McCan

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Down the Rabbit Whole Aumrak
Tribal Vision Festival 2018 Elder Aumrak Maya Shaman

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