Mamita’s Message


(Nov 7-07)

My beloved child.

You know, these are extraordinary times.

You have heard about it, but something inside of you doesn’t really want to accept it.

fight it, for there seems like there is an automatic reponse not to
believe what is going on. That is very natural, for very few of you know
much. Some seekers have had the insight to inform yourselves about this
shift and others were taught not to trust, and even laugh about this
“end of the world” thing.

I am, as a planet, going though a big shift. I would say, I am being reborn. Just as you are.,

are receiving all the influx of the new light frequencies, as I Am. And
as the consciousness of humanity changes, so does my geography, my
seasons, my flora and fauna.

Old species and outmoded ideas begin
to prove themselves not valid nor equipped for this transformations in
my athmosphere anylonger.

Some of the animals are choosing to go
to other dimensions as a species. As the elements, earth, air, water and
fire, representing human emotions, cleanse some areas, my beloved
children, you are being also confronted with many elements within, that
make you start opening your heart to new ways of love.

Starting with lovingly taking are of your own Selves.

Many of you have needed extreme experiences to change your values.

you needed to survive from earthquakes, floods,droughts, tzunamis and
tornadoes, fire and bombings, persecution and massacres,something inside
was triggered to help each other survive.

And the stories of the
many heroes inspire all of humanity as songs and legends that one day
will be reminding the new generations of what happened in these times.

The Great Shift.

want to remind you, beloved one, that your light frequencies and your
actions determine your reality. You have cultivated your disciplines of
meditation, Reiki, and other healing practices.

Your ceremonies
and rituals are helping me go through this labor pains, and I am so
grateful, for every prayer there is an answer, for every intension
manifests and so this new Era is being born.

You are not alone in
this, beings from the higher dimensions that you call angels and
Masters of Light are just waiting for you to call for help. And the
Olden Gods want to her your praises in prayer and ceremony.

their presence will manifest in the song of a bird, a gentle caress of
some breeze, in the numbers 11:11 or any other of the ways you have to
know you are not alone in this.

So you know.