Individual Readings

Understand your multidimensionality and how the spirit guides of the Maya Calendar help us walk through our experiences. In this soul reading and shamanic healing session, you will understand and confirm your Evolutionary Path! You will explore the way to heal yourself and potentialize your your Sacred Self, how to develop your talents and find out the guidelines of your mission on this planet.! This serves as a template to design an individual shamanic journey session.



Entdecke deine Multidimensionalität mit dieser schamanischen Heilsession, die Dich zum tieferen Bewusstsein deines  evolutionären Pfades bringt. Entdecke wie Du am besten Dein spirituelles Talent wirksam einsetzen kannst, wie Du Dich heilen kannst und mehr…, um deine persönliche Mission auf diese Erde zu erfüllen und Dich deinem Sakralen-Selbst anzunähern. (private Termine nach Vereinbarung)


Oráculo maya
Los nahuales/arquetipos/cualidades del Sagrado Calendario maya nos facilitan el encuentro con nuestro Ser Àlmico y sirven de guáa en conciencia, sanación y acción a quienes lo consultamos.
Nos basamos en un desarrollo progresivo y multidimensional, en mente, emociones, en este momento, en nuestros talentos y nuestra misión en estos tiempos de transformación.  

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  1. Tahirah Veda Hodsman August 21, 2018 Reply

    Blessings AumRak
    My children and i would like to get a Mayan Oracle reading.
    When would you ne available to set this up ?

  2. Brandee Hahn October 6, 2018 Reply

    Since meeting you this July at the sacred fire ceremony I have been wanting to reach out to you about a personal reading. This ceremony opened my life up into new things. However, I feel I need some spiritual guidance on what lies ahead in my journey. I’ve had a lot of obstacles in the past two years and I want to get out of this stagnation. With much love

    • Cristina Meillon November 26, 2018 Reply

      Thanks for your comment Brandee. You can reach Aumrak at aumrak2012@gmail – I have sent her your message too. Thanks for your patience, Cristina

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