Cacao ceremony.

Last year I was meditating in a crop circle in Bayern, Germany.  I was thinking on how to improve my presentations and asked for a hint, which I received.  Drawing….  Next, in Teotihuacan, Mexico, I was given an obsidian mirror.  This became the inspiration for this workshop.

It helps explore those intimate parts of your Being, where you have saved memories, subconscious programming and trauma that do not allow you to lead a fulfilled life.

Looking at ourselves in the obsidian mirror will inspire us to draw this expression which will reveal the emotions behind it.

After a reprogramming through Shamanic work, we draw our light side. Comparing it will help us embrace those shadow sides and heal our ways.

The sacred brew of cacao helps us open our hearts to feel free to share and open up in love, light and truth.

Around 20 years ago I received an invitation to be part of the great transformation of Mother Earth.  It came through a book I read.  I never thought my life would change in such amazing ways.  I have been in service, travelled doing ceremonies and healing work to many places in the world.

My intention is to be in service, bringing about healing, and reprogramming ways to inspire my fellow humans into choosing a sacred path in their lives, be empowered and free to become their potential Selves.