Life on Earth depends on water. But our waterways have been contaminated and polluted, and we are beginning to see and feel the effects of this contamination.

Reprogramming and maintaining the purity of our waters has become a sacred duty. One that I take very seriously. 

On my journeys, I am often asked where I would like to make ceremony. If given a choice, I prefer a location near water. In coming together in sacred ceremony, our energies combine and create a frequency that can be harnessed and directed to nearby water. This elevates the frequencies, and activates the water at a molecular level.

Let us gather near the ocean, the lakes, the rivers and wells.  In a Sacred ceremonial space, we will lovingly direct our energy towards the waters. In a water ceremony, we will call upon the Ondine, pray, sing and open our hearts in deep gratitude for the water within and without.

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