A Sacred Maya Fire Ceremony to honor Love and Unity

It has been a great joy and honor for me to perform Sacred Fire ceremonies for many couples.

Many love stories, pictures and new friends enrich my heart with their memories. The couples have chosen lovely spaces in Copan, Honduras, at Hacienda San Lucas, or at the beautiful Lake Atitlán to celebrate their union.

I have also conducted wedding ceremonies on my travels throughout The North of the Americas, Hawaii, India and Europe.

A union of two hearts forged in the Sacred Fire

The ceremony includes invocations. We call upon the blessings of the four directions to ritualize the union of two beings who choose to be together. The couple is asked share their intentions and the promise of love. The participants are invited to offer their blessings to the new wed.

Your wedding ceremony can be performed in English, Spanish or German.  

The Sacred Fire Ceremony takes place in three parts:

First, we will focus on preparing the sacred space. We will use flowers, crystals, fruit and other objects that are symbolic of the couple’s lives together.

In preparation for the Sacred Fire, we will prepare a mandala made with different kinds of materials. Traditionally, the bark and saps of precious woods such as copal, cedar, pine, palo santo, etc. form the basis. Then we add spices like cinnamon, cloves, chocolate, cardomom, and myrrh (not in powder). Of course, if there is a spice that has a special meaning for you and your loved one, you are welcome to include it in your mandala. Finally, we add colorful candles, which I provide.

The result is a beautiful and wonderfully smelling mandala!

Please make time on your special day for the preparation of your mandala. This should be a couple of hours before the ceremony.

Preparing for your Sacred Fire ceremony is a beautiful way for you are you beloved to prepare your wedding space. Give yourselves the time to place intentions, focus on the beautiful of the materials and create a beautiful shape that will symbolize the union of your lives and hearts.


The ceremony is very “legal”  in the spiritual realms  (LOL)  

In honor of the occasion, I will be wearing my special regalia.

AumRak's heart is filled with love for the couple The second part is the invocations, to Heart of Heavens and Heart of Earth  (Mother Earth and Father Sky)  the 4 directions

and the 20 energies (Nahuals) of the Maya Calendar, which is  all about calling blessings upon to you.

This will take around 10 minutes.


The third part is when you and your beloved exchange your words…. this can be just spontaneous or something written and rehearsed beforehand.

You also exchange rings and I will use a special ancient Maya necklace of coral to put around you. This coral symbolizes the union of two hearts.

Throughout the Shamanic Wedding Ceremony, you will hold special stones to potentialize the frequencies.

If any of your friends has shamanic experience, it is also possible to request them to help us with the ceremony.

Afterwards, the family and friends are invited to say their blessings. If you do not want to make it super long, since it is a large group, we will ask them to say just a word!  They will choose a colored candle and then place it on the sacred fire.

All in all, it usually lasts around 1 1/2 hours to 2.

I usually like to start around 4:30 to 5 pm so we can have the sunset as an extra so the pictures come out beautifully.

If you feel creative and wish to add any ideas to it, please let me know.

I am very open to be spontaneous and creative.

Sometimes, when one of the guests is an artist, they can share their music or gifts with everybody.

Sometimes, as something special we can also ask the guests to wear white.

How to book you Shamanic Wedding Ceremony

I am living at lake Atitlán, so the only extra thing I will have to organize is the boat back to San Marcos, where I live.

Or stay at the hotel.

If it is necessary for me to travel anywhere else, the costs of travel, hotels and meals are not included in the price of a Shamanic Wedding Ceremony.

I have done many ceremonies in many places and the lake is quite a special place to do them, for all 4 elements are present in

a beautiful, natural way  and the power of the 3 volcanos augment the energy.

The Maya Sacred Fire is a very powerful and beautiful space. We celebrate it very full of love and I like to make an altar, full of flowers, mostly from the colourful gardens gardens that grow here.   If you prefer flowers like roses or special colours, we can also plan to go to the local market to purchase them.


As energy exchange for this Sacred Wedding Ceremony, I request $ 750.00

Please contact me and share your dream with me. I am honored to be part of your  memorable occasion.