Millenial Masqerade2


On this very special date:  12.21.12, I was in Boulder and with my beloved ones, the Kan’Nal tribe and other wonderful people in Denver-Boulder. We decided to celebrate this special date: the beginning of a new cycle of time according to the Maya Calendar. It was the time when many said it would be the end […]


Accross the Ocean

It has been a wonderful journey accross the Atlantic and I am enjoying the company of my sister in Florida. Yet my path continues and soon I will return to the land of the Maya, to Copan, where I will be participating in an event in Copan, Honduras, a celebration to honour the “Fuego Nuevo”, […]

Interview at Alpenparlament

In May, I had the opportunity to travel to Bern in Switzerland. We were welcomed by Katrine Eichberger and had a very interesting conversation about the Codex Dresdensis, the Mayan Calender, and the amazing transformation of the times. The interview is in German and you can take a look at it under the following link: […]