Elfenhof Wasserzeremonie 2

Elfenhof Ceremony

This is the water ceremony I participated in at Elfenhof – the garden of the elves – near the Baltic Sea in Germany. It is a lovely space, and some years ago the owner asked me if I could make ceremonies to please the elves. It turns out that a woman who used to work […]


 Berlin, June 2013  Ceremony at La Hacienda, July, 2012  Bayern Family Sacred Fire in Munchen, September 2013  Loveland, Colorado, preparing for the Mayan Magic Masquerade, dec 2012  Sacred Fire on December 21, 2012 Boulder Colorado  Dancing in a faery temple, Bayern summer of 2013  Balams amazing headdress, worn near Munchen, summer 2013  The fire has […]


Accross the Ocean

It has been a wonderful journey accross the Atlantic and I am enjoying the company of my sister in Florida. Yet my path continues and soon I will return to the land of the Maya, to Copan, where I will be participating in an event in Copan, Honduras, a celebration to honour the “Fuego Nuevo”, […]