Elfenhof Wasserzeremonie 2

Elfenhof Ceremony

This is the water ceremony I participated in at Elfenhof – the garden of the elves – near the Baltic Sea in Germany. It is a lovely space, and some years ago the owner asked me if I could make ceremonies to please the elves. It turns out that a woman who used to work […]

Kan'Nal Aumrak - Shamaness Guatemala

When I Toured with Kan’Nal

This is the story of when I toured with Kan’Nal, a tribal psychedelic rock band. I performed sacred Maya Fire Ceremonies at concerts, festivals and clubs around the USA.  It was a mission to spread love, enlightenment and inspiration. It is a memory that lives dearly in my heart.   Beginnings It began in the beginning of […]

Sacred Fire Ceremony

My dear friend Shannon Kring contacted me some time ago, to invite me to participate in filming our forthcoming documentary series SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT HEALERS: PLANT MEDICINES OF THE AMERICAS. Here’s a short glimpse of what we’re working on. More soon!  http://www.thesacredscience.com/  I met Shannon years ago while she was doing a spiritual retreat […]